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The Rotary Youth Competitions

Southampton Solent Rotary have been supporting the Rotary Youth Competitions in both Art and Photography. As part of the initiative we invited The Cedar School to participate and submit entries.

Southampton West Rotary Club have been supportive of The Cedar School for many years and members will be aware that the school has a number of pupils with significant needs.

In recognition of this we have given them our ‘special’ support by framing all their entries and providing gift token vouchers for the winners.

Lorraine presents one of the winner's entries, framed, and a gift voucher.

This recognises their individual successes and their great contribution to our community.

Lorraine presents another winner with their entry now framed along with a gift voucher

Lorraine Pugh is seen presenting winning prizes to two of the entrants.

Cedar School, Southampton, Rotary Youth Competition winners
Lorraine Pugh and the Cedar School winners



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