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Rotary Youth Speaks District 1110

This is the fourth successive year that our Club has sponsored the Southampton ‘Youth Speaks’ Competition. The venue has always been St Anne’s Catholic School in Southampton and we are very grateful to the School Community who host us and provide such tremendous support.

The Local Round was held on Friday, 3rd February in St Annes Performing Arts Facility. Three senior teams and six intermediate teams competed for place in the District Final.

The standard of debate was very high, and the Judges admitted to having a very difficult task to decide on the eventual winners.

The winning team’s subject in the Senior Competition was ‘The Negative Influence of Influencers’ and was presented by Daisy House, Harriet Mackenzie and Annabel Cullington-Doss.

From left to right: Harriet Mackenzie (Year 10), Ms James (English and Drama teacher), Daisy House (Year 11) and Annabel Cullington Doss (Year 11)

The winning team’s subject in the Intermediate Competition was ‘Shakespeare – Entertainment, Not Education’ and was presented by Zunaira Haneef, Caitlin Dugdale and Hamdi Khan.

From left to right: Rose Mitchell (Year 9), Ms James (English and Drama teacher), Famya Faiz and Sara Ali (Year 9).

Our Club also sponsored a team from Woodlands Community College. As the Southampton event was fully subscribed the Woodlands Team were invited to take part in the local Romsey ‘Youth Speaks ‘Competition. My thanks to Romsey Rotary for their co-operation.

The Youth Speaks District Final was held at the Mountbatten School, Romsey on Saturday, 4th March.

The St Anne's teams.

St Anne’s School had a very successful day at the District Final. The Senior team, Daisy House (Year 11), Annabel Cullington Doss (Year 11) and Harriet Mackenzie (Year 10), were victorious and have been asked to compete in the Regional Final. St Anne’s Intermediate team, Sara Ali (Year 9), Rose Mitchell (Year 9) and Famya Faiz (Year 9), did tremendously well to achieve a close second place in the Intermediate Competition.

The winning Senior Team with District Governor Bill Casey.

I would like to record my thanks to the many Members of our Club who supported both the Local and District Events by serving on the Judges Panel, time keeping, asking questions during the debates as well as attending the Debates in the audience.

Philip Brazier (Youth Action Group)



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